ECI為先進晶圓級封裝製造業 提供化學分析解決方案

ECI Technology’s Quali-Fill® E-系列是​​一款全新設計的即時化學分析系統。在ECI領先業界的化學監測技術上,Quali-Fill E-系列系統提供一個全自動化的化學品量測和智能型化學成分計量添加的功能。


Quali-Fill E-系列系統分析功能包括Copper Pillar, RDL, Micro-Bump和 UBM 製程溶液。Quali-Fill E-系列系統採用了最新的模組化設計,不但能夠同時支援多個化學槽,如Cu(銅)、SnAg(錫銀)、Sn(錫)、Ni(鎳)和 Au(金),還能夠任意擴充或新增其他化學物質分析。除了既有的化學分析,Quali-Fill E-系列系統還可以添加複雜度高的副產品及污染物分析功能。Quali-Fill E-系列系統搭配智能型化學成分計量添加功能,以高精度計量和閉迴路控制,為先進晶圓級封裝製造業提供了一個高效益和高良率的解決方案。





ECI Technology Quali-Fill® E-Series Chemical Management Systems for Advanced WLP Manufacturing

ECI Technology Quali-Fill E-series systems are chemical management systems redesigned to target the needs of the WLP market with superior analytical performance at a significantly reduced cost-of-ownership. Built on ECI’s industry-leading chemical monitoring technologies, Quali-Fill E-series systems provide fully automated, online chemical metrology, and smart dosing capabilities for electroplating or electro-less wafer level packaging applications.

Quali-Fill E-Series systems feature a modular design for analyzing Bump, Cu Pillar, RDL, Micro-bump, and UBM process solutions. The systems are built with a master module and extendable add-ons capable of supporting multiple tanks and chemistries, such as Cu, SnAg, Sn, Ni, and Au. The systems provide a universal chemical monitoring and control solution with supplemental capabilities for analyzing new chemistries, contaminants, and breakdown by-products. When coupled with ECI smart dosing solution, this flexible system provides precision closed-loop control and accurate dosing, both critical for improving yield in today’s advanced WLP manufacturing.

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